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夜深了我怎麼辦 寂寞了誰在身旁
心情變得好複雜 想她 念她 恨她 一個人你害怕嗎
細數過滿天星光 說好永遠不分開 多假 多假 多假
心放空了 寂寞好了

I forgot how much I like this song.

李唯楓 - 轉角那個女孩

The MV finally came out! I really like this song; it’s such a heart-warming song. It also reminds me of 幸福选择题. Coke lee’s pretty good-looking as well :P

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看藍藍的天空下綿綿的白雪 停在你臉上
愛在巴黎的賽納河畔上面眺望 趕不上的玻璃船
緊握住我不放 偷偷的聞著你


#34 Song of the Week 一周之歌 : 

從未到過的地方 - Cyndi Wang 

The lyrics and melody are so beautiful…  well of course, they’re written by the leadsinger of Sodagreen. Cyndi just becomes more mature after every album. This song also serves as the opening OST to her new drama “Second Life“ Looking forward to her new album~ 

—-Song of the Week 一周之歌 : Posting a favorite every week!—-

Can’t stop listening to this song and watching Second Life!

This song is very addictive.

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花世紀 - 比劍

I really like What Century, they’re proving to be quite a talented bunch! Especially the lead singer, he’s cute, writes lyrics, composes and sings well :P In this song, they combine rock music with elements of Martial Art and classical Chinese music, making it a refreshing song.

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=首播= Popu Lady -「好想變蘋果」官方版MV (八大偶像劇[美人龍湯]片頭曲)

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陶喆 - 勿忘我 (David Tao - Never Forget Me)

Liking this song from his 2013 album!

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林俊傑 JJ Lin - 一千年後記得我 MV

This MV is so wonderfully put together. Way to get me so emotional this early in the morning. So many feelings in just a short 5 min video. <3 And the cute and adorkable JJ towards the end of the clip. :P 

It feels so personal. Love JJ’s non-instrumental solo at the end!

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song rec

是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你 - 白安

I really like this song. Not a fan of the way she pronounces her words, but her accent makes it special!

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A kite flies in the sky

While the people on the ground chase after it

This song never gets old.

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SNH48-《化作樱花树》Let’s Become a Sakura Tree

Truthfully speaking, the voices of most SNH48 members are not excellent, but this song is a lovely cover of AKB48’s Japanese song Sakura no Ki ni Naro!

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蘇打綠 Sodagreen -【小時候】




我永遠忘不了,某一天,當我要從醫院病房離開前,爸爸突然叫住我,沉默了幾秒,對我說:你……要加油喔…… 我點點頭,轉身後眼淚再也停不了。


父亲节快乐; Happy Fathers’ Day ♥

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