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Jolin as JJ’s World Tour Guest!! haha, Jolin even told him to confess his love for Hebe ^_^ 

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Mayday showing how hugging should be done

The Ups and Downs of the Golden Melody Awards 2013


  1. 葛仲珊 getting the Best Newcomer award (最佳新人奖)- I didn’t really know her before GMA, but she seems to be the most exciting newbie out of all of the nominees, and I can’t wait to hear more songs from her! She’s going to be the next fresh face in Taiwan’s hip hop industry c:
  2. Feng Feifei’s Special Contribution award (特别贡献奖)- Every year, this part of the show makes me emotional.
  3. Mayday’s performance- their collaboration with the other bands made it special!
  4. Jacky Wu’s taiwanese songs medley- probably the best part of the show for me. It’s lovely seeing him switch from his usual comedic self to doing what he likes best- singing. He did a fantastic job.
  5. Jolin’s “超爽的,我的妈呀!” becoming a hit with other winners.
  6. Jolin and Jay being cute on stage- I had to cover my mouth to stop from squealing! I really wanted them to hug though :3


  1. Sandy Lam not being there- I’m not a big fan of 常石磊, so seeing him at the GMA wasn’t something pleasing at all. It was a pity she couldn’t be there.
  2. I really wanted 黄雨勋 to get 最佳编曲人奖 for 比较大的大提琴
  3. 谢金燕 not getting Best Female Taiwanese singer- that was a surprise.
  4. 翁立友’s sad face when he didn’t get Best Male Taiwanese singer (最佳台语男歌手奖) nuuu
  5. I wish every single artiste nominated for Best Male Singer (最佳国语男歌手奖) could have won heh- I was really hoping Jay would get it, since I like Jay the most out of all of them, but nobody can be sad about Jam getting it. This has been Khalil’s, what, 4th time getting nominated and I sympathised with him for not getting it! Yoga and Xiao Yu are great too; I like their voices. All of them made excellent candidates for the award.
  6. Jolin and Jay not hugging- whatwhat what what
MUSE won 最佳年度歌曲奖

So happy for Jolin! :D She deserves this recognition; she performed the song beautifully. Her ending words of her speech on stage were hilarious: “超爽的,我的妈呀!”


When i was browsing many pictures, i came up with this two. My favorite team up and favorite singers. They were called legends, ~double J! Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai. I’m quite happy that even though they didn’t end up together, thus, they still managed to be best of friends. But for me, they were still the best!!!

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蔡依林的首歌“Dr. Jolin“是正. 我聽過很多次. :P


首歌“Dr. Jolin“是正.多次. :P

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圣诞节快乐! Sheng dan jie kuaile!

Merry Christmas to everyone who follows this blog (: It has been a great year. And for all who live in Australia, let’s look forward to some concerts next year:

  1. Leehom Wang- Melbourne and Sydney
  2. Jolin Tsai- Sydney (why no Melbourne?!)
  3. Jeff Chang (Zhang Xin Zhe)- Sydney

I am sure there will be more to come. Have a great day filled with the joy of Christmas! :3

Latest/upcoming cpop albums

There are so many albums and singles being released these few months, and I’m really happy to see that cpop’s getting more popular :3 It deserves to be more widely-heard and known! Here’s a summary of the albums that have just been released, and ones that are coming out soon (in order of release date):

New albums

  1. By2: 2 0 2 0愛你愛妳 (2 0 2 0 Love You Love You) / 3 Aug
  2. William Wei: 有人在等 (Someone’s Waiting) / 3 Aug
  3. 康康 Kan Kan: 順仔你著愛讀冊 / 8 Aug
  4. Angela Zhang: That Girl / 9 Aug
  5. Amber Kuo: 给他 (For Him) /10 Aug
  6. Fish Leong: 愛久見人心 /10 Aug
  7. Rainie Yang: mii 想幸福的人 (mii the one who wants happiness) / 17 Aug
  8. Jiro Wang:  你在等什麼 (What Are You Waiting For) / 24 Aug

Upcoming albums

  1. Wilber Pan: 24個比利 (The Story of Billy) / 31 Aug
  2. Jolin Tsai: MUSE / 14 Sept
  3. 宇宙人 Cosmospeople:   地球漫步 (Earthwalk) / 5 Oct
  4. Evan Yo

If there are any more cpop releases that you know about, let me know! (:

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