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For her 3rd album 《渺小》, Hebe went to Iceland to shoot the MV and take promo photos. It was the same place where Die Another Day was filmed. It was -3 degrees Celsius and she had to wear such thin clothings with holes! TFZ really makes her fans proud! Imagine how hard it was for her to be surrounded by  glaciers and to hold back the coldness inside her. This is really something we should look forward to and I’m pretty certain this is gonna be a huge success in her solo career!

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Kai Ko being given kisses by his parents! They’re so young!

better2myself-deactivated201312 said: Hello I have a question. Maybe you know which Chinese/Taiwanese idols/actors/singers have instagram, twitter?

Hello! (: In all honesty I’m probably not the best person to answer this, since I don’t have twitter and Insta, but I do know a few that have twitter after doing a quick search:

Jolin Tsai: https://twitter.com/jolin_tsai

Barbie Hsu: https://twitter.com/itsbarbiexu

Aisha from Da Mouth: https://twitter.com/AISA1108

Gigi Leung: https://twitter.com/Gigi325

Stephanie Sun: https://twitter.com/Stefsunyanzi

Coco Lee: https://twitter.com/cocolee117

Jerry Yan: https://twitter.com/jerryyanchengxu

Wilber Pan: https://twitter.com/willpan23

Mayday’s Ashin:https://twitter.com/AShinOfficial

Anthony Neely: https://twitter.com/anthonyaneely

Nicky Lee: https://twitter.com/nickylee1126

Vanness Wu: https://twitter.com/VanNessVanWu

I tried to make sure that all of these are real accounts and not phony ones. If anyone knows of other official accounts, feel free to add them on, and I can compile a list of Chinese celebs on Twitter and Instagram!

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Mike He <3 sensual diablo

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7/∞ photos of 徐熙媛


7/ photos of 徐熙媛